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Litigation is uncertain. While it may be possible to predict a range of outcomes, predicting exactly how a judge will view the specific facts of a case is simply not possible. In a divorce or custody battle, who better to make these decisions than the parents themselves? For these and other reasons, mediation has become an increasingly valued method of dispute resolution in divorce and family matters. At Alcorn Nelson LLC, our lawyers encourage the use of mediation whenever possible to help our clients resolve their differences.

What Are The Benefits Of Mediation?

Every judge will do his or her best to make decisions that are grounded in the law and the facts of the case. Despite this, a judge cannot understand your family the way you do. In mediation, you and your spouse can develop your own solutions that are tailored exactly to your needs. In addition, mediation is not as expensive as litigation, and avoids the "scorched-earth" approach common to litigation.

This is especially important when children are involved. While you will no longer be married to your spouse, you will still be a co-parent with him or her. By resolving your disputes in mediation, you can move forward on a solid foundation. When helping our clients through meditation, we draw on decades of experience to help our clients find common ground and achieve their goals.

Serving As Neutral Divorce Mediators

When taking on child custody mediation matters, his role is not to decide how the parties should act, but to help the parents arrive at solutions that make sense for them, and suggest alternatives and make recommendations based on the facts of the matter. Whether we are helping our clients mediate a dispute or serving as a mediator, our depth of experience offers substantial benefits to our clients.

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