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Every divorce is a major event that will potentially impact everything you hold dear. Your divorce will likely change the nature of your relationship with your children. Your divorce will change your financial picture as well. Selecting the lawyer to handle your divorce is a major decision. If you are filing for divorce in Illinois, consider Alcorn Nelson LLC. For years, people across Galesburg and surrounding areas have placed their trust in our firm. Our divorce lawyer Daniel Alcorn, each bring meaningful experience to family law, and will work diligently to help you navigate the legal system and move forward on favorable terms.

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Our lawyers are ready to help you address every part of your divorce, including:

While our law firm represents people facing divorce from all walks of life, we have experience managing the unique needs of business owners, professionals and high net worth individuals going through divorce. One of the biggest issues in divorce for high net worth individuals involves determining the value of a closely held corporation and other unique assets. Our skill in these matters offers significant value to our clients. Whatever your needs entail, our law firm is devoted to seeking solutions that are customized to your exact needs.

We Are Solutions-Oriented, Not Process-Oriented

Resolving a divorce through negotiations or mediation is typically the optimal way to proceed. For one, negotiations and mediation are less costly than litigation. Of equal or greater importance, these methods of dispute resolution tend to give the parties more control over the outcome of their divorce. In Illinois, mediation is mandatory in all divorces involving children.

Our attorneys also recognize, however, that there are instances in which litigation is the only realistic alternative. In such situations, we are prepared to take decisive action on your behalf. However your divorce is resolved, you can depend on us to be with you each step of the way.

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