Child Custody

Every parent is concerned about minimizing the possible negative impacts of divorce on their children. It is critical to work with a lawyer, and a law firm, that can develop effective solutions to these issues. At Alcorn Nelson LLC, we share your concerns, and are prepared to help you and your children. While we understand that your relationship with your children is likely to change, we are committed to helping you preserve and protect this relationship.

Serving Clients Across West Central Illinois In Child Custody Matters

In Illinois, courts are required to make custody and visitation decisions that are in the best interests of the child. This legal standard is very broad, and judges have significant discretion. Therefore, in any divorce or custody dispute, your attorney must be both a dedicated counselor and a strong advocate. Our child custody lawyers draw on more than 40 years of combined experience, and are able to tailor their approach to the facts at hand.

Frequently, joint custody is a possible solution. In a joint custody arrangement, both parents have the ability to make decisions as to the child's health, religion, education and general well-being. While both parents may share in the decision-making process, one parent will have custody and the other will have visitation or parenting time.

Above all, we are solutions-oriented lawyers. We are not bound to a specific method of dispute resolution, but are instead driven to do what is best for our clients. At the outset of your child custody matter, we will advise you of your potential options, based on our insight and experience. Frequently, negotiations or mediation can help parents achieve sensible solutions without the financial and emotional costs of litigation. This is not to say that litigation is never the correct option. In fact, there are times when litigation is the only reasonable approach. In these cases, you can take heart knowing that we are strong litigators who are prepared to argue strongly on your behalf.

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